How Employable of Me

28 Oct

“That’s where things are headed.”

Those are the vague and foreboding words of wisdom invariably bestowed on leery J-school students wondering where they’ll find a job now that the newspaper industry is imploding.

Where? The Internet. What things? Journalism, the future of.

“That’s where things are headed.”

True. Very true. Except the esteemed bestowers of said advice– profs, MSM vets, cash-strapped editors– don’t really know what that means. And they’re certainly not happy about it.

For too many in the industry, the Internet remains a necessary evil; an existential threat that’s not going away; a tyrant to appease until they reach retirement age and abandon ship.

Let the millenials deal with it. It’s their mess, anyway.

Even my peers, many of them, are resentful. They see a turf war between us – we who will inherit the columns of the New York Times and Newsweek – and themthose pesky attention-grubbing bloggers and MySpace members who threaten our job prospects.

But the Internet is not only where things are headed, it’s where the most intrepid reporting and freshest storytelling is already taking place. It’s not just where things are headed– *sigh*– whether we like it or not, but where things ought to be headed. It’s evolution, baby.

As Jeff Jarvis says, the Internet enables us do what we do best, and link to the rest. Thanks to creative thinkers like David Cohn, it allows the public to decide how and about what they would like to be informed.

As for me, I’m still figuring out what my contribution will be, how I will help re-invent the wheel. And I’m hoping this weblog will help me do it.

This blog will not just be a depository for my clips, a virtual CV or a public diary. It will be a place for me to play with technology, wax journalistically, and find my online voice.

Le Canadien Errant– the wandering Canadian. That’s me.


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