Back in Montreal

20 Jan

With my thesis approved and my days as Washington correspondent behind me, it’s time to get back to blogging in earnest. Also on the agenda: finding myself a  job and, as David Byrne once put it, a city to live in.

But first, the blog. As you may have noticed, I’ve moved my D.C. stories to their own page consolidated the multimedia stuff as well. In the next few days I’ll be overhauling the design, so look forward to a snappy new title and say goodbye to my charmingly ominous mug up top.

Tomorrow (this morning, really) Barack Obama will be sworn in as his country’s 44th president. I’m starting to think it was a mistake not to make the trip back down to D.C. for the spectacle. But I’ll always have election night and the spontaneous celebration in front of the White House, where I met John T. Porter.

Amid the drunken high fives and shouts of “YES WE DID,” I found Mr. Porter solemnly staring at the 1600
Pennsylvania, Ave. He told me he grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, where “laws against Negroes are still on the books.” He kept shaking his head as we stood silently, wrapped in the cocoon of history.

John T. Porter; November 4th, 2008

John T. Porter; November 4th, 2008


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