23 Jan

I’m a tweeting man now. Like a good J-school graduate and bad Berkmanite, I finally joined Twitter. I think I resisted it until now because it was introduced to me in a trite, “this is the future of journalism” kind of way.  Plus, it kind of has a dopey name– not sure how that made it past the beta stage.  No one wants to be a twit, so why would you want to be involved with a platform ostensibly designed to  produce them?

But it turns out that Twitter is actually kind of great, as are many of the people on it.  Today I got some sweet journalism tips from @suzanneyada and learned about the physics of time travel in Lost from &jakedobkin. I also tried this way-too-Canadian tweet on for size:

“Now I know how Americans felt when we had Trudeau and they had Nixon.”

Yeah, I’m working on it.


One Response to “Late-adopter”

  1. Suzanne January 23, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    Beware the Twitter. It will suck you in.

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